DaVinci and Nightingale are pseudonyms for the two of us. We decided to start this blog together primarily because we are the only couple over 35 that we personally know who are treating transition as something to be experienced together as much as possible.

Although we are approaching this experience from two different perspectives, we are learning a huge amount as we go, not only about each other, but also about the impact that transitioning and changing our roles within and outside of the gender binary has had/is having on two ‘mature’ (read:50+) adults in a long-term, committed relationship.

DaVinci is a writer. Among many other things, he enjoys making music with friends, bonfires at the beach, woodworking, camping, kayaking, and sitting on his ass in an old plywood boat on a quiet lake in the sun, dozing with a fishing rod in his hands. With the incredible support of Nightingale, their 5 children, many friends and both dogs, DaVinci decided to transition after 5 decades in a body that never fit. Into what is he transitioning, you ask? He will let you know if/when he gets there. In the meantime, stay tuned…

Nightingale is a fearless medical professional by day and transforms into the (often) fearless partner and (occasionally) tireless supporter of DaVinci. She is also the liberal, queer woman-voice of the two. When she isn’t saving lives and comforting the sick and distressed, she illustrates her vision of the world in beautiful drawings, cares for her flower gardens, dances, sings, and makes heavenly lemonade. She is truly the heart of her household. Her compassionate gentleness is surpassed only by the tensile steel strength of her character; it was Nightingale who taught DaVinci the valuable truth (one of many, gentle reader): “Never piss off a good person.”


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